EXOLITUS | Exosome Technologies

Exosome technology for functional cosmetics


Funding source: EU Regional Funds
Funding Institution: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology of Lithuania
Grant Agreement No. 01.2.2-MITA-K-702-09-0046

Skin is the human organ most affected by external factors, and it might influence well-being and health of the whole organism. Constant exposure to sun, environmental pollutants, microorganisms cause undesirable processes in skin, and the most dangerous among these processes is the formation of active oxygen and nitrogen species. They trigger inflammation, which in turn accelerates reactive oxygen and nitrogen compound production. These compounds are a major cause of age-related undesirable and often even pathological skin conditions. The phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and ellagitannins in raspberry berries have strong antioxidant, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species-neutralizing and anti-inflammatory properties. However, in solutions and extracts, and hence in cosmetic preparations, these compounds decompose rapidly and lose their biological properties. In addition, their tissue penetration is low, thus they do not enter the deep layers of the skin. Plants accumulate part of the active substances in their elements of intercellular communication – exosomes. The membranous envelope of these nanovesicles provides good protection from external factors, so the bioactive material can reach the target cells unchanged. In addition, they are able to cross biological barriers and efficiently penetrate into the tissue after topical application. The project aims to develop new cosmetic products based on exosome technology.

Operational programme for the European Union Funds Investments in Lithuania
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